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Web design project management

In any web design & development project, a strong client / web designer relationship is important and by working closely with you to understand your business, we can apply our own skills more effectively. Here's how we manage a typical new website design project from initial client brief, though the graphic design and web development stages, to web project completion.

Project Kick-Off

First we establish your exact website design requirements and key project goals, the functionality you require, preferred graphical “look & feel” and required timescales - ideally face to face if geography and budget permit. We also research your market to ensure we understand your business needs so we can confidently propose a solution built around you and your users needs.

Modern communications technology also enables us to work very successfully with clients we never actually meet. Communicating via a mix of inexpensive VOIP telephony, MSN and email, we can a provide high quality, efficient, effective client service absolutely anywhere.

Your project kicks off once you pay a deposit and sign our contract, specifying project deliverables (e.g. web design & development, graphic design and SEO), contract price, respective responsibilities and target timescales.

Website design

We create several alternative visual design mockups (e.g. web page layout, logo and header graphics, website navigation and content areas) using graphic design software (e.g. Photoshop and Flash), from which you can choose your preferred design. We can use your existing client logo, or work with you to design a new logo that reflects and projects your unique corporate identity online.

Initial mock-ups are modified and refined based on feedback. We adjust design, navigation and functionality to match the agreed specification and (within reason) keep working until you are happy. We may therefore create several design iterations for your perusal, before you approve the final design selection.

Website development

Once you approve the design we begin development employing W3C approved XHTML and external CSS2 styling for web standards compliance, accessibility for all users in all browsers and optimised from the outset to be search friendly. Using proven seo methods we research and embed relevant keywords in your web content for optimum Google and Yahoo! search ranking and user appeal.

Successful projects rely on close working relationships with our clients and third parties (e.g. photographers, artists and printers). We provide progress reports and encourage you to view work in progress on our server and provide feedback; ensuring queries are cleared promptly and the project stays on schedule.

Website completion

On completion we conduct extensive in-house testing of website deliverables e.g. general functionality, user inter-activity, site links, W3C coding standards validation and cross browser compatibility to ensure a more open, search engine friendly website so a higher number of more relevant visitors can find you online.

If applicable, we train you to use our SAS before final client testing and acceptance, once you are satisfied with what we have provided. Website ‘go-live’ occurs following formal acceptance and payment of the balance.

On expiry of the 60 day warranty, we offer an optional software support contract to ensure your website enjoys maximum ‘up-time’, remains up-to-date and continues to meet your business objectives. Alternatively ad-hoc support and maintenance can be provided at our then current hourly rates.

You always own your own website and domain name. Because our sites are W3C standards compliant, they can be managed by any other skilled web developer.

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