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1LG Web Design

IT and Computer Support

We provide a comprehensive computer and IT support service, including repair, upgrades and installations. Whether you need software or hardware upgrades, repairs, new equipment or have a virus problem, we provide a quick, efficient and above all competent service. We are based in Milton Keynes but cover the entire Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire areas.

Software - Upgrades, Installations and Troubleshooting

We provide a complete software installation, upgrades and troubleshooting service, with extensive experience in Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003/2000, plus legacy products such as Windows 2000, Windows NT4, Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows 95 and even DOS and Windows 3.1. We also have considerable expertise in most office, internet and email products. We can manage your servers, including Microsoft Exchange and Linux, and can also assist and advise on backup provision, including offsite backup, external hard drives and RAID arrays.

Internet Security, Antivirus and Firewalling

We specialise in internet security, including antivirus protection and firewalls. We have many years' experience in virus infestation removal and damage limitation, particularly useful if you have unwittingly become infected. We recommend Kaspersky Antivirus to protect against virus infections.

Kaspersky Open Space Security

Popups, Spyware and Diallers

A rapidly increasing problem these days is the intrusion of Spyware, Adware and other unwanted programs. These frequently manifest themselves as annoying popup windows, or the hijacking of your search engine results, and often will slow the computer down to a halt. In the background, they may also be covertly sending data on your activities back to their originator. Such programs can sometimes be as difficult to remove as viruses, but we have many years' experience in effectively dealing with this type of infection.


We can provide a broad range of hardware installations and upgrades, from new PCs, servers, printers and network equipment, through to repairs or upgrades to existing devices. This includes memory, processor and hard drive upgrades, CDRW/DVDRW, multimedia cards and peripherals. We specialise in managing internet connections and servers, including Broadband ADSL or Cable connections, ISDN and Dialups.

Networking - Wired and Wireless

Our networking services include both wired and wireless options, including installation and configuration of routers, hubs, gateways, wireless access points, cat5e/cat6 cabling, and on the software side, Windows networking, file and printer sharing, wireless security, virtual private networking and remote access.

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