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web design, graphic design & search engine optimization

1LG Web Design

Web design & development

1LG web design specialises in bespoke website design & development and search engine optimization to meet your exact needs; from a brochure style website to an ecommerce online retail shop with content management tools.

Brochure websites

Our websites employ simple, effective graphic design to create an impression, establish credibility and make it easy for visitors to find what they want. Our W3C standards compliant code ensures search engine optimization and user accessibility. Intuitive navigation means that visitors can easily find their way around. Carefully crafted content is targeted to attract the right traffic, because these visitors are more likely to convert into customers.

We work with you to discover your goals and what motivates your visitors, so we can develop a website that achieves more for you by giving your visitors what they want. All 1LG web design & development projects are unique, so the price of your new website will vary depending on your exact requirements. However, in addition to full website design & development, a brochure website would typically cost from £1000 and include:

Ecommerce websites

Our ecommerce websites are custom built around your brand and ideal visitor experience for optimum return on investment. We focus on achieving your goals by employing creative graphic design, coding standards, search engine optimisation, instinctive navigation and visitor focused content, making buying online enjoyable and easy.

If you want people to buy from you online it's vital that your website establishes audience trust. 1LG helps you tell a better, articulate story in words and pictures, to give your audience a complete picture of your business and what you can do for them. Your story is where trust is built and where you create a desire to “buy now”.

1LG ecommerce websites are programmed from scratch, so you get a unique product catalogue describing what your customers need and what you want to emphasise (e.g. price, size, colour etc), an easy-to-use shopping basket, online payment integration, trading terms, privacy policy and even FAQ to meet your exact needs and make it easy for your customer to find and buy what they are looking for.

Our ecommerce websites are search engine friendly. Our Site Admin Software (SAS) automatically creates additional spiderable pages for each product in your database, ensuring your products are fully searchable in Google, in addition to allowing you to manage products, categories, descriptions, images, prices, discounts and orders.

Our software-based approach means we can develop exactly the solution you need to keep you and your customers happy. For example our SAS provides detailed traffic reports so you can monitor website performance for product related keywords and then fine-tune your product descriptions and prices to maximise ROI over time.

We understand what users expect from an ecommerce site and our experience with other ecommerce web design clients allows us to provide useful advice for all the other issues of ecommerce, e.g. legal terms, third party payment providers, delivery options, pricing, customer order management and ongoing marketing. We work with all third party credit card payment processing providers, major banks and PayPal.

Because all 1LG ecommerce websites, eBay stores and auction templates are unique and designed from scratch, the cost of a new ecommerce website will vary depending on your exact requirements. However, an ecommerce website with all the tools you need to provide the best shopping experience for your customers, plus tools to manage your product catalogue and measure the results, is likely to cost from £2500.

Website makeovers

Are you embarrassed to show clients your website? Is your website content out of date or not performing well on search engines? Much of our work comes from clients with existing sites that need a complete overhaul because they simply aren't doing the job. Occasionally however, only minor changes are required to improve a site. We help you keep costs down by keeping what works, changing only what doesn't e.g:

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