1LG Terms of Business


Here’s the necessary legal stuff so you know where you stand when you choose 1LG Digital as your digital marketing partner. All 1LG Digital projects e.g. web design, graphic design, search engine optimisation  SEO,  digital marketing, content marketing and  copywriting etc, are subject to our standard business terms, designed to be fair and even-handed to both parties, while complying with UK law and legislation. We operate a strict privacy policy and never divulge sensitive client information provided online to third parties. Exceptions to this rule are where clients provide us with permission to display testimonials.

Web Design & Development

General Contract Terms

The client [name] instructs 1LG to provide the deliverables as detailed in the proposal dated [date].

The price shall be [price] as detailed in the proposal.

50% deposit is normally payable prior to project kick-off, unless the project is complex and different milestone deliverables and staged payments are agreed. The balance is payable on completion and within 5 days of acceptance, prior to ‘go live’ even if the client cancels or delays ‘go live’ for any reason.

1LG shall provide [responsibilities]. The client shall provide [responsibilities] and timely feedback.

1LG shall use reasonable efforts to ensure completion within [n] weeks of project kick-off. If client feedback is unreasonably delayed, deliverables shall be deemed accepted and completed to ensure adherence to the timescale.

Changes adding to the deliverables shall incur extra cost and time to complete. Changes reducing the deliverables may incur a reduction in cost and time to complete at the sole discretion of 1LG.

The client can view work in progress (WIP) on a test server. The client shall review and accept or reject the deliverables within 5 days of completion. If rejected 1LG shall be given [n] extra days to achieve acceptance. If rejected again the client shall provide reasonable grounds for rejection in writing. If the client neither accepts nor rejects the deliverables within each time-frame, the deliverables shall be deemed accepted and full payment due.

The client shall have 60 days warranty from acceptance. While 1LG does not warrant software as error free, errors found during warranty shall be fixed free of charge. Fixes to errors found after warranty expiry are chargeable at our then current hourly rates, unless the client has a software support contract.

Client supplied data shall be client IPR. Code and scripts covered by a 3rd party licence or in the public domain, shall remain original author IPR. All 1LG created CMS code, website code, database design code and all scripts (e.g. VBscript, Jscript, Javascript, Actionscript) shall be 1LG IPR. All 1LG IPR deliverables are licensed for use on 1 client domain only. Additional domains can be licensed on payment of an additional fee. The client can keep 1 copy of the website, database and any source code for back-up purposes only. All 1LG IPR deliverables must not be reverse engineered, offered for resale or freely distributed to any third party including but not limited to other web developers.

1LG accepts no liability for loss of turnover, sales, revenue, profits or indirect consequential or special loss arising from the deliverables. The client indemnifies 1LG for any claims made against 1LG arising from any of the deliverables. In particular, the client indemnifies 1LG against any claim against them for unknowingly using copyright images.

The client shall pay for work completed plus an amount for loss of business opportunity up to the value of the contract price if they cancel, delay acceptance or ‘go live’ for any reason.

The client and 1LG both agree to be bound by the General terms and conditions above.
[Signed & dated by the client and 1LG]

Support Website Contract Terms

On warranty expiry the client [name] instructs 1LG to provide the following software support:

i. Provide remote website hosting server reboots
ii. Provide reasonable general website client support, help, advice and guidance
iii. Fix faults in supplied code and database structures
iv. Fix problems resulting from CMS web content updates by trained clients.

The price shall be [price], subject to annual review and payable in advance.

Support requests submitted via email shall provide full details of the problem. 1LG shall use reasonable efforts to fix the problem or provide an estimate of the time required to provide a resolution according to the priorities below within 24 hours.

i. Serious / urgent 24 – 48 hours
ii. Serious / non urgent 2 – 7 days
iii. Non serious / non urgent 7 – 14 days
iv. Cosmetic / non urgent 14 – 30 days

All support provided is warranted for 60 days.

All liability by 1LG for providing support shall cease immediately with no refund of fees paid if changes to the original deliverables are made by any person other than 1LG or if web content updates are performed by untrained users.

These terms are binding on the client and 1LG for 1 year and shall automatically renew on each anniversary unless 30 days prior written notice of cancellation is given by the client or 1LG.

The client and 1LG both agree to be bound by the support contract terms and conditions above.
[Signed & dated by the client and 1LG]