Are You Marketing Your Business Online?

When Dale Carnegie wrote his 1936 bestseller “How to Win Friends and Influence People” marketing was newspaper + magazine advertising and door knocking. Today, it’s about communications, engagement and influence. Not only that, the future of business is online!

If you’re not making the most of the opportunities presented by modern digital marketing methods, you’re most likely leaving money on the table. We help businesses improve their online visibility, attract more customers and increase market share with website design, search engine optimisation, content marketing, PPC, email and social media marketing as part of an integrated approach to digital marketing.

Do you have a digital marketing strategy? Is it working for you? Are you making the most of all these digital marketing tactics to find, reach, influence and convert targeted prospects into paying customers?

We also offer Digital marketing consultancy aimed at identifying how today’s modern online marketing methods can help you achieve your business goals. You get a 10 – 20 page Report + Action Plan covering the next 3 – 6 months, with recommendations on the marketing activities required to meet your business goals, as part of a fully-integrated digital marketing solution, likely to include many of the digital services listed above. We can even help with 3rd party customer relationship marketing CRM and marketing automation software integration if required.

What Could You Do With More Qualified Leads?

Find out if inbound digital marketing is right for your business. In addition to our paid digital marketing consultancy package, we also offer a FREE 30-minute initial chat, so we can talk about your marketing.

You will be speaking to a marketer about your business not a salesman and will only talking about your business and strategy for your business. We will also talk about how to reduce your cost per lead by over 60% and ways to consistently increase website traffic. In the 30-minute conversation, you’ll receive:

  • How Inbound can fit in with your current marketing plans
  • Simple tactics to implement immediately to get results
  • Advice on generating more web traffic, leads & customers
  • Complementary website audit on SEO, layout and design

So, if you’re not using any of the above methods, find out how a 1LG Digital Marketing campaign tailored to your business needs and created especially for you can help you beat the competition.

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