The Cherry Trees Dental website redesign project

No sooner had we set to work on a new design than COVID-19 hit and we were all locked down. Despite being unable to meet our new client face-to-face during the build, we did the research and wrote a lot of new page content designed to help them rank for their keywords, whilst producing a design layout based on WordPress, that remained true to the character of the practice, which was known for being family friendly whilst providing the highest standards of dental care. The website launched in early/mid October 2020 and visitor traffic to the site tripled from around 45 hits to 155 hits per month almost overnight.

Along with a 350% increase in traffic, the number of keywords Cherry Trees ranked for also doubled, catapulting them past the competitors they had previously struggled to keep up with, in the process (see the SEMrush statistics screenshot below).

8 months later, Debbie sold the practice, in order to concentrate on clinical dentistry while having more time to spend with her family. Unfortunately the new owner, whom we have never met nor been given the opportunity to even speak with, has decided she wants to put her own stamp on the website, and has engaged the services of another web design company. With a heavy heart we handed over control of the website to the firm located 100 yards from the clinic. We wait to see what changes they will make, but rumour has it that the new owner wants to change the clinic colours to blue, which will require substantial changes to the look & feel of the website we created.

So for posterity, here is a screenshot of the site homepage we created in 2020 during lockdown, along with a screenshot showing how the site looked before we took over, and finally a screenshot from independent search marketing specialists SEMRush, showing the increase in site traffic over the past 12 mnonths, number of keywords ranked for now, and improved competitive positioning.

While we’re saddened not to be able to continue what we started, we wish the new owner and web design team taking over from us, continued ranking success with the Cherry Trees website.

Cherry Trees Dental home page screen capture
Cherry Trees Dental old site
Old Cherry Trees website
SEM Rush
SEM Rush statistics

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