Laser Whitening UK Website Project

1LG designed and developed the on the WordPress CMS platform, created all the text content and sourced stock images, to serve as a companion site and link to to it’s larger sibling,, which ranks for a number of laser teeth whitening keywords in the Google UK SERPS. Relevant incoming links help boost recipient websites in the search engine rankings.

While both sites may appear compete against each other in organic search engine listings for similar laser teeth whitening keywords, they are both owned by the same company. The larger site takes the lions share of the rankings and therefore the traffic, which is to be expected, as it runs to 70 pages which helps it rank higher in the Google SERPS.

Currently the site ranks in the local map pack for the term ‘laser teeth whitening treatments’, No. 1 for ‘laser whitening’ and on Page 1 of Google UK for the terms ‘laser teeth whitening UK’ and ‘cosmetic laser treatments’ to name but 4 keyword phrases they rank well for in the SERPS. For the 12 months April to April 2017 the site has received nearly 34,000 visits according to Google Analytics, of which 83% came from organic search.