Nixon Equine Vet Consultancy Website Project

1LG created Jane Nixon’s first website over 10 years ago. Since then we have created 2 more, different websites for Jane. The latest website marked Jane’s retirement from general practice – having sold the clinic to her younger partners – to concentrate on consultancy and therefore required a new website to be created.

Having ranked Jane’s earlier websites at the top of Google UK for equine veterinary search keywords, we then had to start again from scratch and begin building up the new site for a totally new set of search keywords on a totally new domain name, designed to establish as an authority within a tightly focused niche within the equine veterinary profession.

Today the new site ranks No. 1 on Google UK for ‘equine veterinary consultant, No. 1 for ‘sport horse performance consultant’ and on Page 1 for ‘equine vetting Buckinghamshire’ + several other relevant search phrases.