Point Two Website Project

In 2012 we were retained to create a new eCommerce website for Point Two Air Jackets to replace their old website, that no longer met their needs, but more worryingly, had been hacked twice. We fixed the hack for them FOC while we worked on the new suite of websites!

We began work, basing the new website on Magento, probably the leading enterprise class ecommerce platform, and were probably 90% complete when the client stopped responding to requests for information, such as prices and shipping information, essential to complete the project.

The project was effectively put on hold. We later discovered that our main point of contact had left the company and the business owner was negotiating to sell the UK sales & marketing rights to the product to another company, but was avoiding telling util the deal was sealed.

As a result, the website was never completed. The new company who controlled the product marketing rights already had a website, and the manufacturer who we were working for, felt they no longer needed our services. Ouch!

This was particularly disappointing as it was a large and exciting project for which we were perfectly suited, hence being awarded the project in the first place, with multiple domains catering to multiple countries with different languages, all linking back to a centralised hub.

The site was being built to support both end-user online shopping and also provide a login area for retail stores that stocked the air-jackets to replenish their stocks at varying wholesale prices depending on the retailer’s account status and country / location.

As we had nearly finished the project when it was put on hold, we feel the site is worthy of inclusion in our portfolio, being based on the Magento enterprise class eCommerce platform and we could reuse a similar design approach for a new client project.