Rentalimo Website Technical Conversion Project

The already existing Rentalimo website, designed by a third party, was not mobile-friendly and content was also rather thin. Both issues were having an adverse impact on the sites search engine rankings as mobile-responsiveness is a Google ranking factor .

1LG Digital converted the website underlying layout code from being non-mobile-responsive to mobile-responsive. During the conversion process we changed what was a static HTML code site to a database-driven site based on the WordPress CMS. This last was designed to make it easier for the site owner to maintain in the future.

We also added to and SEO optimised text content on over 160 pages that previously had very little ‘thin’ content on each of them, during the makeover process. For example many pages had less than 300 words per page and content was unique on every page – again a negative ranking factor from a search engine optimisation perspective. We made sure that every page had at least some unique content and at least 300 words on it. This was a big task as the website already had over 160 pages indexed on Google.

Rentalimo now ranks on Page 1 of Google UK for ‘rent a limo’ ‘rent a limo in Herts’ and ‘Herts rent a limo’ and in the local map pack for ‘rent a limo herts’.