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Set up in Year 2000 1LG Digital was the brainchild of Gail Kingswell Trueman. To allow more complex projects to be undertaken, GianPiero (GP) joined 1LG Digital in 2002. Together Gail and GP are the driving force behind 1LG Digital. We work with a other freelance professionals, for example artists, videographers and printers, when additional project resources are needed. This approach allows us to keep our overheads in check and as a result we are able to provide high quality work and services at very competitive prices.  We do more with less!

Gail Kingswell Trueman


Prior to founding 1LG Digital, Gail was a successful software marketer with over 25 year’s experience working with international blue chip companies such as Siemens, Xerox, IBM and Oracle and a customer base that included major global manufacturers and service industries. Gail was personally responsible for winning millions of pound worth of Oracle, SAP and IBM business and workplace management solutions, £10 million occurred during a 10 year period in her last post as European Sales Development Manager for Workplace Systems International plc.

The Vision

During a successful 10 year career as European Business Development Manager for a UK software development company, Gail saw huge potential in the then emerging world of the Internet and web-based software capable of running an online business.

The Spark

Trained in graphic design, in the 1990's Gail had designed the landscape plan for Mercedes Benz new Milton Keynes UK HQ and campus. This, along with several earlier commercial design projects using innovative graphic design software, sparked Gail’s growing interest in web design.

The Studio

At the end of 1999 Gail surprised everyone, took a leap of faith and left her cushy management job. 1LG was born just in time for the Y2000 Millennium. Today Gail manages all aspects of 1LG marketing & customer relations from first contact to project completion.

The Buzz

Today Gail still gets a buzz from helping clients with creative graphic and web design, and after 17 years has got pretty darn good at optimising client websites to rank on Page 1 of Google, combined with writing killer copy and content designed to attract visitor traffic to their inbound marketing funnels.

Gian Piero (GP)


GianPiero – GP to everyone who knows him – is a bit of a geek! He keeps the wheels turning and the servers serving results at 1LG. You’ll often find him beavering away at his desk in the wee small hours. If a client calls late on a Friday afternoon with a technical issue, GP will either be able to help fix it and get you back up and running quick, or he knows a (wo)man who can in our ‘virtual’ team.

The Wrangler

With 10+ years experience in corporate software code development and project management gained during the 90's before joining 1LG, GP is our senior technical specialist for complex web applications development and our 'GoTo' site security wrangler.

The Geek

GP is responsible for handling customer requirements that involve custom client and server code development, back-end data collection and content management systems fed by front-end websites that can't be achieved by 'off-the-peg' templated websites and SAAS applications.

The PhotoShopper

GP is a talented photographer and photoshopper. His skills are on display in our portfolio where 3D image rendering examples are aplenty. Clients love GP's innovative graphics, image manipulation and special effects. Flash may be dead, but animation lives on!

The SpeedKing

If your website isn't mobile responsive and doesn't load in under 3 seconds, your're not gonna rank on Google no matter how pretty it is. Our own Speedy Gonzales, GP can take a sluggish website that takes ages to load and turn it into the fastest, mobile-friendly website on the block. It's true!

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