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Digital marketing attracts the audience most likely to do business with you

Milton Keynes digital marketing agency 1LG Digital help small-medium businesses attract their ideal audience, build brand awareness and acquire more customers with a range of online marketing services including SEO, web design, branding, graphic design, copywriting and content marketing.

Digital marketing builds brand awareness & optimises your digital ROI

Many business owners think a website is all they need. That is fine if your site gets found on Page 1 of Google. Sadly, that's often not the case as many people don't put time into optimising and promoting their website, and then wonder why it's not performing. We get your brand seen by a wider audience on multiple channels, drive traffic to your website, and position you as the go-to authority in your marketplace.

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Build it—they will come no longer works in a competitive online world

Today your website must work harder to get results. Today your website must stand out online and attract the right audience with the right message at the right time—like selling water to a thirsty crowd

Understanding your audience is key to getting people to buy from you. It helps you make a more compelling customer pitch, solving 95% of your marketing problems. If your website gets traffic but doesn’t convert, the problem may be poor audience targeting—do they even want what you're selling—or it could be your website content.

You may simply need more convincing and persuasive marketing copy. As experienced online marketing professionals we can help with that. We start by taking a holistic look at your business. Do you audience even want what your're selling. your market, brand, goals, offers, competition, customers wants & needs, and your current marketing.

Then we'll devise an online marketing plan and create SEO optimised marketing copy for your website that Google loves, in a way that's designed to:

  • reflect how good your brand is
  • build company credibility and trust
  • help you compete in a crowded market
  • reach your target audience everywhere
  • align your goals with your audience needs
  • drive qualified visitor traffic to your website
  • generate leads and sales for a positive ROI

Website design and digital marketing is inextricably linked

When building a new client website we may have a good idea of the client's preferred 'look & feel' but we don't start with the design aesthetics. We focus on the customer first and begin by identifying the audience most likely to buy from you—what they want, where they hang out online, and how best to reach and engage with them.

It helps us create more persuasive marketing and website copy that resonates and aligns your brand story with your ideal customers' wants and needs. It positions your brand and reinforces your offer as the only logical choice, encouraging them to pick up the phone, send an enquiry, or hit the buy button.

But great content without and audience is doomed to failure. That's why we also pay close attention to search engine optimisaiton so your audience can find you on Google and ensure you get a steady flow of visitor traffic, new leads and customers who keep coming back for more and bring their friends too.

Once your new website is live, we can provide ongoing content marketing designed to nurture your audience at every stage in the buyer's journey, from awareness to consideration and purchase decision resulting in more leads and improved sales conversions.

To completely dominate your marketplace, we can execute a multi-channel, multi-media marketing plan to help you reach a wider audience than a website alone can. One that promotes your brand everywhere your potential customers hang out online with tactics such as:

  • Guest posting on 3rd party websites
  • Social media marketing and advertising
  • Video marketing, podcasts and streaming media
  • Email marketing automation and CRM integration
  • Google shopping and PPC Pay-Per-Click advertising

Sounds easy, yes? If it were that easy, we would be out of a job ?

sweet spot venn diagram illustration - align your brand story with what your audience want - the sweet spot

Get brand clarity & differentiate your brand

An outdated website that no longer meets your needs or reflects your brand values is not an option if you want to make an impression. To stand out from the crowd it must focus on the 'sweet spot' between what you do, how you say it and what your customers want.

Book a call and find out if digital marketing is right for your business

If it works for you we start with our standard marketing consultancy onboarding where we brainstorm your unique value proposition so you get 100% brand clarity on what makes you different, how you benefit your audience and why they should buy from you. We craft the results into copy that resonates with your audience and positions you as the best solution for their needs and help you tell your story to the world.

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Find out more about our digital marketing consultancy

Are you making the most of online marketing to grow your business? Could you do with more qualified leads?  If not we can tailor a digital marketing plan for you, to help you beat the competition and thrive online. Find out more on our digital marketing consultancy page.


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