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Technical 'on-site' SEO

Strategic on-site SEO to grow your website traffic and fuel your business growth

Websites created with SEO built-in from the start get more traffic—fact! If yours isn't getting found online, the good news is we can still fix it. We are experienced in all aspects of on-site and remedial technical SEO to improve your search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your website.

We have an impressive track record in fixing poor ranking websites

Over 90% of our clients rank on Page 1 of Google for their important keywords. We have 20+ years experience optimising websites for online visibility using a combination of on-site technical SEO, copywriting and on-site content marketing for high search intent keywords and topics at every stage of the customer's journey, from top of funnel to bottom of funnel. ow well does your site rank. Find out with a FREE SEO Audit.

The Holy Grail of SEO

Over 90% of our clients rank on Page 1 of Google for their most important keywords

With 2 billion+ websites on the Internet, savvy business owners know that to succeed in an increasingly competitive online world, their website needs to be more visible online. For that to happen, your site must ideally rank on the first Page of Google. That's why we 'bake' on-site technical SEO into every website we build and retrospectively into every underperforming website we fix.

Taming the Google 'monster' with holistic SEO

Our ongoing SEO services include a mix of on-site technical, structural and content optimisation combined with off-site digital marketing including social media marketing, content marketing, advertising and linkbuilding. Done well, on-site search optimisation alone, even without many backlinks, can dramatically improve your rankings for your important commercial keywords. That's why we focus on technical on-site SEO first—the 'low-hanging' fruit most likely to see the quickest results.

ongoing seo process

Our ongoing SEO services would typically include:

  • SITE AUDIT: Rankings / Keywords / Links / Content / Competitor Research & Analysis
  • CONTENT FIX: Keywords / Titles / Headings / Descriptions / Duplicates / Thin / HTML Ratio
  • TECHNICAL SEO: Links / Images / Hreflang / Redirects / Schema / Meta / Map / Nap / Speed
  • STRATEGY: Create a Digital Marketing Action Plan designed to attract inbound prospects into your marketing funnel
  • WEBSITE: Keyword research / content ideas report / on-site technical SEO fix / focus keywords / social signals / links
  • CONTENT: Content calendar / blog posting / articlewriting / press releases / distribute content on social media
  • SOCIAL: Set-up + manage social channel profiles, optimise branding, call to action, interlink site + channels, add text / image posts weekly
  • GOOGLE LOCAL: Set-Up Google GMB Page / Optimise / Reviews / Posts / Photos / Links / Map
  • ADVERTISING: Set up + manage Google PPC / social paid ad campaign / design ads & landing pages, remarketing pixels
  • EMAIL: Set up + manage email list, create + send email + newsletter with call to action + tracking, link to website inbound marketing funnel
  • REPORTING: Monthly reporting & analysis
top 11 on site seo issues

Common On-Site SEO Ranking Issues

Google's algorithm uses 200+ signals to determine the best results for any keyword search. SEM Rush produced a handy infographic listing the top 11 most common on-site SEO / search engine optimisation issues – partially reproduced opposite.

Everything on the list can usually be fixed quickly and easily by our on-site SEO experts—apart perhaps from content duplication and thin content, which will take a little longer.

While most technical SEO issues can be resolved on a One-Off basis, as a rule search optimisation is ongoing. Even high ranking sites should be monitored and tweaked periodically to maintain search visibility.

For example, content may be continually updated and added to. This needs attention to detail to protect existing content from losing rank and ideally improving ranking further, while new content needs keyword research and on-topic optimisation.

Our Copywriting and Content Marketing services have a key role to play in initial website design & development, search optimisation and ongoing digital content marketing.

We can help with everything on the SEM Rush list; the quick and the not so quick fixes. In addition to on-site technical SEO, we also offer content marketing and copywriting services.

We offer:

  • One-off technical on-site search engine optimisation
  • Monthly On-Site search engine optimisation services
  • Monthly Off-Site search engine optimisation services
  • PPC paid search advertising campaigns
  • Social media marketing campaigns
  • Off-Site link-building guest articles
  • Email marketing campaigns

Get a FREE SEO Audit and get more eyeballs on your website

Find out how well SEO optimised your website is with a FREE SEO Audit. Our SEO team will advise what you need to do to fix any glaring technical and content issues, to help you get to the top of Google's list! We also provide sales conversion consultancy on a paid basis, designed to attract your ideal audience—those most likely to buy—and convince them that your brand is the only logical choice.

91% of web pages never get any search engine traffic at all. Want to be one of the 9% that do?

The holy grail of SEO is a #1 ranking on Google. With 97% of consumers using a search engine to find a business, and around 93% of all clicks going to websites listed on the first page—75% to the top 3 results—it's essential that your website ranks well in the search engines. Few searchers click beyond Pages 2 or 3 of the SERP.

We offer both one-off and ongoing SEO to improve your rankings for your important keywords. We’re expert at on-site technical search engine optimisation, site speed fixes—now a Google ranking factor—and website content optimisation for commercial intent keywords. It’s not unusual for sites languishing beyond Page 10 to start moving up the SERP within weeks once on-site SEO issues are identified and fixed.

If you run a local business, it’s even more important to get your site listed on Page 1, as the Google Local ‘Map Pack’ that appears above the organic results, only shows the first 2 or 3 results in the box. The rest of the local results are hidden unless searchers click the view more button. If your website isn’t being round on the first 3 pages of Google, you will suffer from very little organic traffic and need to resort to paid advertising to improve your website visibility. The alternative is to invest in professional SEO, with an experienced firm such as 1LG Digital, who know how to employ proven on-site search engine optimisation techniques to help you outrank your competitors in the search results while avoiding getting penalised by Google. Once your website is ranking in the organic SERP you can scale back on your paid advertising campaigns.

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