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Professional web design in London

Milton Keynes web designers 1LG Digital help London businesses thrive online with custom web design

We have a proven track record of building successful websites without the high prices charged by many large London web design agencies. Not having an address in the capital means we can deliver the same if not better service as the big City agencies, at a lower cost, as we do not need to inflate our fees to offset high London rents.

Stop wasting time & money on 'pretty' websites that don't get results!

Stand out from the competition and dominate your marketplace in London with a unique, professionally designed website. Established in 2000, we are very good at what we do. All our websites are custom-built. And while custom-design costs more than a 'fill-in-the-blanks' templated website, you get a better result and save money in the long term. Many of our client websites rank on Page 1 of Google.

Working smarter—not harder

Anyone can build a website but it takes planning and years of practice to perfect

We were perfecting our skills long before WordPress or 'drag&drop' builders arrived. As a professional web design & digital marketing agency, our developers hand-craft SEO-optimised websites that rank while our marketers ensure they get results. As a team, we understand the nuances that transform an OK website into a great one.

What we do  

Website Design & Development

Showcase your organisation and expertise with a custom-built website or eCommerce store that ranks on Google, drives traffic, captures leads and converts sales.

Search Engine Optimisation / SEO

Improve your website visibility and Google ranking for your important keywords, and drive targeted traffic to your site with onsite technical SEO and high-intent copywriting.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Stand out from the crowd with a carefully-crafted marketing message aligned with the wants & needs of your ideal customers that gets shown everywhere they go online.

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Before working with 1LG Digital, Building Vision London had an old, outdated website that was steadily losing its search engine rankings. As a result, visitor traffic was also on a downward slope. In early 2022 BVL asked us to build them a new website. Within 2-months of the new website launch, their Google Page 1 keyword rankings doubled and their traffic increased by 2000%.

If YOUR website is not ranking or converting—we can help

1LG Digital are a highly experienced full-service web design & digital marketing agency with multiple clients in London. We operate from a 'boutique' design studio near Milton Keynes in Bucks. Established in 2000, we're here for the long term.

There are dozens of web designers in London. But not all Google search results for 'find a London web designer' that show a London address are what they seem. Some just rent a London P.O. box for SEO purposes, while the real work gets done elsewhere—sometimes even offshore!

If you are choosing a designer based on price, be aware that the lower the price, the greater the likelihood they use a 'fill in the blanks/ drag & drop' template with little regard for whether you get results. They often know little about code and even less about digital marketing.

The large London web design agencies who know their stuff and provide superior service often charge much higher prices. While we do not have an address in the big smoke, we're only an hour from Central London by road or rail and 45 minutes from the M25 encircling Greater London and often meet clients at their place of business.

Not only do we know how to cut code, but we also have many years of 'real-world' marketing experience online and offline. With us, you get a website that fits your needs and those of your ideal customers. And with less 'bloat' due to more efficient back-end code, your site will be more likely to rank on Google and be more user-friendly, so you get better results without spending a fortune.

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Successful digital marketing starts with a great website design

Your website is the foundation for all your online marketing. For optimum return on investment, your business must get found online, attract an audience and convert leads to sales. That is not easy with nothing but a Facebook page.

In a recent BrightLocal survey, 73% of respondents felt it was important for a business to have a website. Only 27% believed it was not that important. 5% felt an ugly website would put them off using that business.

Whether you’re a small business serving your local community, a larger business targeting clients regionally, or a corporation with customers nationwide, you need a professional web presence that gets found online and converts visitors into customers.

We offer custom web design services across the UK tailored to your needs and budget. If your budget does not stretch to a custom website, we also provide affordable WordPress websites at a price that will not break the bank on MONTHLY payment terms.

Our approach combines careful attention to the technical detail and the results you need for your business to thrive. More often than not, our clients enjoy top search engine rankings—sometimes with multiple listings on Page 1 of Google—and beat their competitors for some very competitive keywords.

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Does YOUR London website design get results?

As experienced web designers with a proven track record and clients in your local area, we are passionate about getting results for our clients by ensuring their web presence is the best it can be. All clients get a personal service resulting in a professional web presence tailored to their needs and budget.

With a background in enterprise-class business management software before launching 1LG Digital in 2000 and a further 20+ years of creating professional websites from our web design studio in Milton Keynes, we always strive to exceed client expectations.

1LG Digital websites have SEO built in from the start and carefully-crafted content that resonates with the needs of your audience and potential customers, thereby increasing your visitor-to-sales ratio for maximum return on investment.

If a website makeover is all you need, we can help with that too. We improve website Google rankings for local and national search terms and improve visitor traffic and bottom line revenue with proven conversion rate optimisation CRO techniques.

Want a piece of the action in London with a website that gets results?

We improve online visibility plus sales conversions with search engine optimisation and copywriting that ranks on Google to attract your ideal customers—those most likely to buy from you—and persuade them to take action. Because with over 2 billion pages online, it's hard to get found at all, let alone at the top of Google. Let us help you with that.

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Need a new website but cannot afford one? Think again!

Why compromise with a cheap website that does not meet your needs due to limited 'out-of-the-box' features and functionality? While our web design prices are competitive to start with, we also offer flexible payment terms.

Imagine getting a 5-figure website for just 3-figures per month, including business-class hosting, branded email, care, support & management. Once all payments are made—you own the website outright! There are no other tie-ins.

Afterwards, we can continue providing service at our standard hosting & website management rates. It makes upgrading your old, non-performant website into one you can be proud of more affordable than you think. In fact, can you afford to wait? Read more on our web design & development page.


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