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WordPress CMS powers the worlds top websites for a reason

Website Content Management Systems (WCMS) like WordPress CMS and Magento make managing a website easy—from creating new pages and posts and adding and updating content to running an eCommerce-enabled online store—even for non-technical users.

A CMS is an engine that runs a database-driven website such as WordPress

A content management system (CMS) is a human-friendly interface anyone can use to manage a dynamic website without needing to work directly with the code used to build the website framework. It is helpful for website owners who want to be able to manage their website once the initial build is complete. Well-known examples of CMS platforms we work with include WordPress and Magento.

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WordPress is the worlds most popular CMS

The beauty of WordPress is its simplicity, flexibility and capacity to support most websites, including eCommerce stores and fully-fledged business applications. Here are a few key highlights of the WordPress CMS:

  • Ease of Use so no skills required
  • SEO friendly and mobile responsive
  • Self-hosted on your custom domain
  • Community help and support
  • Highly flexible and customisable
  • Pro design attracts a wide audience
  • Social extensions for social signals
  • Anti-spam + plugins extendability
  • Retargeting + marketing analytics

The benefits of choosing WordPress for your CMS-driven website

There are dozens of website CMS (WCMS) systems. Amongst the most well-known are WordPress, Magento, Joomla and Drupal. WordPress is the world leader powering over 50% of all CMS-driven websites.

Both users and Google like fresh, high-quality content, that is why for most clients, we recommend building your website on the WordPress CMS platform. Without a CMS to update your site content, you would need to learn how to code or get external help to keep your website up-to-date and ranking well.

Over 60 million organisations chose WordPress (WP) to power their website. WordPress provides the flexibility to modify it to meet the needs of individual clients. Free to use and built on an open-source platform, WordPress boasts a user-friendly admin dashboard for creating and editing content.

WordPress CMS (or WP) lets you manage and customise your site content to reflect the unique needs of your business and remain in control while supporting multiple users working collaboratively without the need for special coding skills.

Search engines like Google seek to return the most relevant and up-to-date results. Using a CMS such as WordPress, anyone can easily keep their website content up-to-date with relevant, contextual content that people are searching.

WP can meet the needs of almost every business website. It is easy to use and makes it simple to update your site once built. If you know how to use email, you can use WordPress CMS.

Unless your needs are complex or you run a store with hundreds of products, the WP WooCommerce plugin can handle all your eCommerce needs— from product creation to checkout operations. We are also very experienced working with the Magento enterprise-class platform, which we recommend for larger eCommerce websites.

We have been building WordPress websites for years, almost since it launched in 2003. With WordPress as our content management system of choice and have created dozens of sites for dozens of purposes—from simple brochure websites to complex web applications and eCommerce stores.

Our WordPress website design & development skills have taken clients from scratch to 6 and 7-figure turnovers within 5-years, which now rank on Page 1 of Google for many competitive keywords. They now share our enthusiasm for WordPress.

We also provide UK-based professional WordPress hosting, support and maintenance on virtual private servers VPS for complete peace of mind. Our servers are fast and secure and provide all the tools needed to host a dynamic rather than a simple HTML site.

If you have an existing WP website and need design modifications, web development, functional enhancements, more pages, search engine optimisation, marketing, copywriting and content creation, we can help.

Whether you want a new ‘look & feel’ for your current site and content or installation and testing of new plugins to extend the functionality of your site, we have got you covered.

We work with the top 3 eCommerce CMS solutions


Built on the WordPress content management system and open-source platform, WooCommerce is the worlds most popular eCommerce solution powering over 28% of all online stores. WooCommerce gives store owners complete control and the ability to add control so you can sell anything, anywhere: physical products, digital downloads, services, tickets and more. WooCommerce caters for all your logistical and technical requirements. With wooCommerce we can build the store you and your clients need, including a multi-vendor marketplace.


Magento is the worlds best known enterprise-class eCommerce platform, powering over 250,000 online stores and chosen by 1 in 4 eCommerce businesses, ranging from startups to merchants turning over more than $100m / £100m online. Magento powers some of the largest brand online stores with large product catalogues and high sales volumes due to its scalability, flexibility and out-of-the-box features. Not only do we build Magento stores, but we also operate our own 5000 SKU Magento eCommerce store at


We also provide store development on the Shopify platform and can customise any theme to your particular requirements. Like Woocommerce and Magento, Shopify is a complete eCommerce solution that allows you to set up an online store to sell your goods, organise your products, customise your storefront, accept credit card payments, and track and respond to orders. Unlike the other two platforms, the main difference is that Shopify stores run on their servers, not yours. Shopify charges a monthly fee to host your store.


eCommerce-enabled online stores

CMS came of age when eCommerce software solutions became available to integrate with mainstream content management systems like WordPress. Competition between the software developers for market share resulted in ever-increasing solution quality, functionality, ease of use and cost parity, putting eCommerce store ownership within reach of the smaller aspiring online shopkeeper.

Get more eyeballs on your irresistible offer and sell more 'stuff'

We improve your online visibility and sales conversions with search engine optimisation and carefully-crafted copy that ranks on Google, attracts your ideal customers—those most likely to buy from you—and persuades them to click, send an enquiry, pick up the phone, or hit the BUY button. Why? Because with over 2 billion pages online, it is hard to get found at all, let alone at the top of the SERP.

A few client projects

1LG Digital has been building websites and eCommerce stores since before drag & drop builders arrived. We know our stuff. As 'full-stack' developers, we've built everything from simple business websites to complex data-driven applications.

Our project portfolio includes web design & development on WordPress, WooCommerce and Adobe Magento, branding, graphic design, SEO optimisation, copywriting and content production, and marketing promotional advertising materials for web and print.


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We have a wealth of experience fixing under-performing websites and are as skilled as the big London web design agencies. If you're in SE England we're happy to discuss your project in person. London & Birmingham are under an hour from our Milton Keynes web design studio.

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If you are happy with our ballpark project estimate, we'll write up a firm proposal for your consideration and schedule onboarding.


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