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1LG Digital are experts in building mobile responsive websites that get found on Google for your important keywords, attract your ideal audience, position your brand as the logical choice in your marketplace, help you generate more leads, drive more conversions and increase your bottom-line revenue, without spending a fortune on paid ads.

SEO Web Design & Digital Marketing Since 2000


Connecting brands with audiences since the Millennium

Get more enquiries, leads & sales with a web presence that attracts the right audience

1LG Digital is a Milton Keynes web design & digital marketing agency with clients throughout the southeast, London and beyond. We focus on helping you grow your business with revenue-generating website design & development, branding, copywriting and SEO that gets results.

Your website is the foundation for all your online marketing success

We've been building websites since Y2K. What sets us apart from cheap web designers and DIY page builders is not just our creative and technical skills. It’s 30 years of real-world marketing experience + a dedication to helping our clients achieve their goals. We know that to be successful a pretty website is not enough. You need a proper strategy to reach and engage your ideal audience everywhere they go online.

Working smarter—not harder

Anyone can build a website but it takes planning and years of practice to perfect

We were perfecting our skills long before WordPress or 'drag&drop' builders arrived. As a professional web design & digital marketing agency, our developers hand-craft SEO-optimised websites that rank while our marketers ensure they get results. As a team, we understand the nuances that transform an OK website into a great one.

What we do  

Website Design & Development

Showcase your organisation and expertise with a custom-built website or eCommerce store that ranks on Google, drives traffic, captures leads and converts sales.

Search Engine Optimisation / SEO

Improve your website visibility and Google ranking for your important keywords, and drive targeted traffic to your site with onsite technical SEO and high-intent copywriting.

Digital Marketing Campaigns & Strategy

Stand out from the crowd with a carefully-crafted marketing message aligned with the wants & needs of your ideal customers that gets shown everywhere they go online.

Imagine having the most beautiful website ever—but no one can find it

Stop wasting time & money on websites that don't get results. Your website may look pretty, but without visitors, it’s as useful as a chocolate teapot! And without content that resonates with those that DO find you, 95% will leave and never return. Since 2000 our web designers have perfected the art of building high-performance websites. We are experts at crafting content designed to rank on Google, attract an audience, and persuade them that you are the answer to their needs. So if you need help with your website, we could be the answer to YOUR needs.

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75% of users judge you on the quality of your site

An outdated website that no longer meets your needs or reflects your brand values is not an option if you want to make an impression. To stand out from the crowd it must focus on the 'sweet spot' between what you do, how you say it and what your customers want.

Get brand clarity, differentiate your brand & dominate your marketplace

In a competitive online world, build it—they will come no longer works. Today your website must stand out online and attract the right audience with the right message at the right time—like selling water to a thirsty crowd.

That is why we do not start with the design when building websites. We begin by identifying the audience most likely to buy from you—what they want, where they hang out online, how to reach them, and the messaging most likely to resonate with them.

It helps us create more persuasive website copy. Copy that aligns your brand story and what you do with your ideal customers' wants and needs, positions your offer as the only logical choice and encourages them to pick up the phone, send an enquiry, or hit the buy button.

Next, we SEO-optimise your web content for keyword phrases your ideal audience uses to get found on Google above competitors. SEO is key to ensuring you get a steady flow of visitor traffic, new leads and customers who keep coming back for more and bring their friends too.

Once your new website is live, we can provide ongoing content marketing designed to nurture your audience at every stage in the buyer's journey, from awareness to consideration and purchase decision resulting in more leads and improved sales conversions.

To completely dominate your marketplace, we can execute a multi-channel, multi-media marketing plan to help you reach a wider audience than a website alone can. One that promotes your brand everywhere your potential customers hang out online with tactics such as:

  • Guest posting on 3rd party websites
  • Social media marketing and advertising
  • Video marketing, podcasts and streaming media
  • Email marketing automation and CRM integration
  • Google shopping and PPC Pay-Per-Click advertising

Sounds easy, yes? If it were that easy, we'd be out of a job!

'Fixing the Internet' one website at a time since the Millennium

With 90% of all web traffic resulting from a search on Google, our clients rely on us to rank their sites above competitors, get floods of traffic, convert like crazy and consistently drive bottom-line revenue. Many clients have been with us for over a decade and enjoy multiple Google Page 1 results. Here's what a few of our clients say about their experience working with 1LG Digital.

People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions and help them throw rocks at their enemies.

mobile responsive building vision london

We have an impressive record of fixing underperforming sites

Here's one we fixed earlier for a building company in London that gained a 2000% increase in search engine traffic, a 400% gain in ranked keywords, and a 100% increase in #1 keyword rankings within 8-weeks of their new website launch.

View the case study

Get more eyeballs on your irresistible offer and sell more 'stuff' with SEO

We improve your online visibility and sales conversions with search engine optimisation and carefully-crafted copy that ranks on Google, attracts your ideal customers—those most likely to buy from you—and persuades them to click, send an enquiry, pick up the phone, or hit the BUY button. Why? Because with over 2 billion pages online, it is hard to get found at all, let alone at the top of the SERP.

  • 97% of consumers use search engines to find a business
  • 90% of searchers buy from a business found on Page 1
  • 91% of web pages never get any search engine traffic

Want to be one of the 9%?

A few projects from our portfolio

1LG Digital has been building websites and eCommerce stores since before drag & drop builders were invented. We know our stuff. As 'full-stack' developers, we've built everything from simple business websites to complex data-driven applications.

Client projects include WordPress CMS, WooCommerce and Adobe Magento web design & development, branding, graphic design, SEO search engine optimisation, copywriting, content marketing and promotional advertising materials for web and print.


It's a jungle out there

As your No.1 online lead generation partner, we'll help you get ahead of the competition

1LG Digital blend creativity + technical expertise with old-school marketing wisdom. We have a wealth of experience fixing under-performing websites and are as skilled as the big London agencies. If you're in SE England we're happy to discuss your project in person. London & Birmingham are under 1-hour from our Milton Keynes web design studio.

Step 1: Clarity Call

We explore the high-level details and goals for your project on a call. If the project is a match and you like us, we schedule a strategy call.

Step 2 Strategy

We discuss the options with all stakeholders on a more detailed call. At the end of this second call, we provide a ballpark estimate.

Step 3 Proposal

If you are happy with our ballpark project estimate, we'll write up a firm proposal for your consideration and schedule onboarding.


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