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Digital marketing consultancy—the marketing strategy you need to grow your business

Digital Marketing builds brand awareness and reaches your ideal audience everywhere they go online. It drives traffic to your website where you can educate them on your products & services and engage on a deeper level, delivering more qualified leads, sales conversions and loyal fans to your business.

Get a blueprint to align your marketing strategy with your business goals

First, we brainstorm with you to get 100% brand clarity on your unique value proposition—what makes you different, what is the benefit to your audience, and why should they buy from you? Next, we devise a unique digital marketing strategy and plan that works for your business that you can execute yourself. Or we can do it for you, leaving you free to focus on running your business and serving your customers.

All successful marketing activities start with a plan

We work with you to understand your business goals, target market, ideal customers, operational problems and business opportunities. We identify where we can leverage your current promotional activities and align them with your target customer wants and needs to meet your goals.

The output is a Marketing Strategy Report and Action Plan for the next 3 to 6 months. It is a modern inbound sales funnel blueprint for all your inbound advertising activities and processes. It maps out what you need to do, when, and why. You can implement the Plan yourself, or we can do it for you if you don’t have a team.

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The consultancy process covers

  • Problem identification
  • Business goals and strategy
  • Brand identity and back-story
  • Main competition SWOT analysis
  • Current online marketing activities
  • Identify market trends + opportunities
  • Target market and customer personas
  • Keyword research + search optimisation
  • Inbound funnel: TOFU / MOFU / BOFU
  • Technical SEO audit: code + page content
  • Website Audit: content / calendar / media
  • Social media: topics / plan / media / tools
  • Email marketing: list / news / tools / CRM
  • Lead nurturing: processes & methodology
  • Reporting: measure & analyse KPI results
  • Recommends: inbound funnel strategy

'Done-For-You' digital marketing services

The consultancy above is a prerequisite for our Done-For-You services. Because this can take 2-3 weeks to complete, we suggest that clients keen to start seeing results fast consider a temporary paid advertising campaign until regular content marketing activities attract leads naturally.

Your 3-6 Month Action Plan identifies:

  • Your ideal customer personas
  • What are their wants, needs & pains
  • How to convert visitors into qualified leads
  • How to educate visitors on your products
  • How to nurture buyers to tell their friends
  • How to build a system & scale effectively

Done-For-You digital marketing services

  • Set up inbound content writing calendar
  • Keyword research for web content
  • Website search engine optimisation
  • Set up social media accounts
  • Research and create X blog posts /month
  • Create X premium website articles /month
  • Syndicate posts & articles on social media
  • Create website landing pages / CTA Forms
  • Add subscribers to segmented mailing lists
  • Create a newsletter content calender
  • Create news posts and send to subscribers
  • Monthly reporting and analysis

X is a monthly variable number based on agreed service hours and fees.

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Ready to get started?

A 30-minute conversation is all it takes to start the ball rolling

1. Discovery

Just as you wouldn’t go to the doctor and diagnose your own illness, for your project to be successful, we need to get clear on your business, products, services, target customers, and project goals—so the first thing we do is talk about it. Skipping this step is not an option!

That means we need to work with someone who understands the business and the big picture. Someone who understands the intersection between your branding, website, and marketing. By going deep into your business and its needs, we can more easily craft the perfect solution for your business.

2. Strategy

Our initial discovery stage conversations inform the rationale behind creating your personalised online marketing strategy. Your original thoughts on the project goals and scope will have clarified — or possibly changed — as an outcome of our Discovery Phase conversation.

Once goals are agreed we take everything we know about your business and create a marketing plan with cost, project scope, and timeline. Your plan may require a few tweaks to your existing website or a new website, branding, graphics, brand story creation, marketing and advertising.

3. Execution

Not all companies need all our services — branding design, logo creation, website building, copywriting, and more. Some customers don't need marketing, as they already have more business than they can handle — especially if we created their website earlier — or through word of mouth. Others may already have great branding, but a poor website.

All customer needs are different, so project execution, price, and timescales are unique to you. The one constant is that you will always have a dedicated project manager looking after you and your individual needs.

4. Ongoing

Once your initial project is complete, we don’t just walk away and leave you to figure out how to get the most benefit from the work we’ve done for you. We’re there for you for the long term. For example, if we are handling ongoing content marketing for you, we liaise regularly to discuss what is and is not working so alternative action can be taken if required.

If we built your website, we can also provide web hosting and a care plan that allows us to maintain the software and proactively look after your website. It lets you use our team for ad-hoc website, copywriting and graphic tasks too.

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