Digital Marketing Strategy

Or “How to 10x your lead to sale conversions with a proper digital marketing strategy”

Imagine having a simple, systematised strategy for getting found online, generating leads, converting sales, and growing your business online! What would that do for your business? Online visibility is a critical success factor for any business seeking more customers; whether you’re a start-up, or an established local or national business.

Since the Year 2000, we’ve helped dozens of online and brick & mortar businesses promote their business for improved online visibility and success. We’ve helped them attract prospects into their online sales funnel. We’ve helped them nurture and convert those same leads into sales and ultimately, by rewarding them for their loyalty, turn those new customers into brand ambassadors. We can do the same for you!

The digital marketing umbrella

Digital marketing is an ‘umbrella’ term for a multi-channel approach to the targeted and interactive promotion of products and services to increase sales, using multiple digital technologies, with your website being the most important, to reach your ideal customers, build preference, convert leads into sales and nurture brand advocates.

the digital marketing umbrella

A fully integrated online sales strategy will involve a professionally designed website, search engine optimisation for improved Google rankings, plus a combination of several other advertising channels, including social media, content marketing and email advertising to reach and engage with your target market, plus online paid advertising for instant traffic and greater brand recognition.

digital marketing relationships

Done well, online business promotion involves multiple channels that constantly overlap each other. While each activity can be implemented singly, a multi-channel approach where several promotional activities work together often produces better results.

We, therefore, offer a choice of services, including consultancy to establish the best approach for your business, individual services + a complete Done For You solution to all your sales and promotions needs.

Build your own digital marketing Plan B

20 years ago you could build a website and expect customers to find you, cash in hand. Not today! Today, you must demonstrate a deep understanding of their needs, gain their trust, and prove your solution is worthy of consideration, especially if you’re a small or local business competing against larger national companies.

  • Build your brand
  • Get found online
  • Attract an audience
  • Generate new leads
  • Convert more sales

Digital marketing can help you:

  • reach and engage your ideal audience everywhere they go online 24/7
  • attract your ideal prospects and audience to your website sales funnel
  • nurture leads so you become the preferred supplier and best solution
  • persuade qualified leads towards a buying decision with irresistible offers
  • convert your best leads from strangers into buyers and repeat customers
  • turn loyal customers into future brand ambassadors with testimonials ?

But first, you need a plan…

How's business cartoon - a lesson in effective digital marketing

Inbound Marketing Funnels

Forget paying for expensive TV, radio & print ads, or hiring and managing an expensive direct sales team. Inbound Advertising often referred to as Content Marketing, generates ten times more sales at less than half the cost of traditional strategies. The secret to inbound digital marketing is in producing immersive, engaging, educational and entertaining website and social media content, designed to attract qualified prospects and leads into your website sales funnel. Once in the funnel leads are nurtured via website landing pages with calls to action and email newsletters, designed to convert them into customers and loyal ambassadors for your brand.

Your Brand Story: what makes you unique and differentiates you from the competition

Brand Positioning + Online Visibility

First, we brainstorm with you to gain a deep understanding of your business, your market, competitors and ideal customers. Our copywriters then craft a unique and persuasive brand story for you, aligning your goals with your ideal audiences’ search intent, to resonate with their wants and needs and position you as the best solution to meet them.

Next, we help you improve your online visibility everywhere your ideal audience spends time online and your Google search rankings for your keywords, with Search Engine Optimisation SEO, content marketing, search engine marketing and paid ads, to drive more qualified visitor traffic to the top of your website sales funnel.

Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign Tactics

We create a comprehensive multi-channel marketing plan, designed to expand your reach, build brand awareness, attract visitors to your website, generate leads and convert them into paying customers. We do that by sharing your brand story everywhere online, e.g. on social media channels and 3rd party websites, using content marketing, video, paid ads and email.

This is aimed at attracting your audience to the middle of your website sales funnel, where your website content will show your audience how your brand meets their needs or solves their problems, gets you on the consideration list, and generates new leads for your business.

Marketing Automation For Sales Conversions

We help guide your audience towards a conversion at the bottom of your website sales funnel with carefully-crafted copy and email marketing automation, to position you as the preferred supplier and create irresistible offers, so your brand is viewed as the only logical solution when they’re ready to make a buying decision.

We integrate your CRM system with your digital marketing campaigns to ensure your sales & marketing efforts are fully integrated and automated for optimum ROI. We set up and regularly review performance using bespoke analytics reporting, so we can adjust our strategy and test new approaches where we see new opportunities.

What could your business do with more leads and sales?

We offer a FREE 15-minute strategy call, during which we’ll explore how a well-planned digital marketing strategy, with simple campaign tactics you can implement immediately, could help you generate more website visitor traffic, leads & sales for your business. You’ll also get a free SEO audit; as online visibility is a critical success factor for any business seeking more customers.

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