The Body MOT Studio

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The Body MOT Studio

Owned and run by Darren Pyefinch—a Team GB Triathlete—the business was previously called Vibrant Fit. The name was changed to The Body MOT Studio in 2022. Having created the Vibrant Fit website only 2-years earlier, no significant changes were needed to the site design, bar changing the logo.

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bodymot tablet
The Body MOT Studio before The Body MOT Studio after

Old versus new website branding

Use the slider arrows to compare the old site home page with the new one. The main page looks the same, but the logo has changed and a site-wide 'find & replace' search was conducted to change any instances of the old business name to the new name. Any visitor traffic and links to the old site is redirected to the new domain so is not lost.

WordPress 6

43% of the web is built on WordPress.

Bootstrap 5

For responsive, mobile-first sites.


'The HTML Living Standard'.


The next generation of CSS.


A preprocessor scripting language.

Elementor Pro

#1 WordPress web creation platform.

Online Booking Facilities

The site also inludes a services section and a blog + links to an online calenderised booking form—pictured right—where visitors can select a day / time to book their personal body MOT test and pay for it in advance. The site is also capable of hosting remote, bookable online gym classes via Zoom.
bodymot tablet booking form

View the new Body MOT Studio home page in full

Click the scroll bar on the image to view the whole page. If you like what you see here, why not visit the Body Mot Studio website—linked to at the top of the page—or visit our our main Web Design & development page for more information.


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