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Building Vision London

Before working with 1LG Digital, Building Vision London's website traffic had been on a steep downward spiral over the previous 2-years. We built them a brand new website, to replace the old one pictured right, and rewrote most of their content, focusing on high intent search terms, such as 'building services London'.

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Building Vision London before Building Vision London after

Old versus new website

BVL's new site launched in February 2022. Almost overnight their Google keyword rankings and visitor traffic began climbing, and by late April traffic had risen by over 2000% — delivering a healthy increase in new customer leads and enquiries. The client is delighted ?. Use the slider arrows to compare the old site home page on a mobile, with the new one.

WordPress 6

43% of the web is built on WordPress.

Bootstrap 5

For responsive, mobile-first sites.


'The HTML Living Standard'.


The next generation of CSS.


A preprocessor scripting language.

Vanilla Javascript

A lightweight, cross-platform framework.

BVL's 12-month stats to Aug 2022

The screenshot right shows a significant increase in traffic almost immediately the new site went live. Up from an average of 26 hits per month for the preceding 6-months, the site almost broke through 600 hits in July and was averaging over 360 hits when this report was produced.

So how did we achieve these dramatic results? We believe it's a combination of superior technical SEO / search engine optimisation at the web design stage, combined with carefully-crafted copy for high-intent builder services and electrician services keywords. BVL currently enjoy several Google page 1 rankings for variations on these terms.

Building Vision London traffic stats 12 months to August 2022

The Building Vision London home page

Click the scroll bar on the image below to view the whole page. We can't show the expanding tabs in the Building Services or Building Maintenance sections in the screenshot but if you like what you see, why not visit Building Vision London's site—linked to at the top of the page—or visit our Web Design or London Web Design pages for more info.


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