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Satyam Dance School

Debbie Ganguli-Patel established Satyam Dance & Music School in 2017 as a means to pass on the beautiful art of Bharatanatyam Dance to the next generation. In 2022 we were asked by Debbie to create a new website for Satyam Dance to replace their old WIX website.

It was an important part of the design brief that we accommodate an existing image collection accumulated over the previous 5-year period. The new site features a stylish and easy to manage image gallery.

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Satyam Dance School before Satyam Dance School after

Old versus new website

Use the slider arrows to compare the old WIX site home page with the new one. Gone is the white WIX bar advertising their own business at the top of the old site, replaced by new branding and a vibrant design more in keeping with the artistic and colourful nature of traditional Indian dance.

WordPress 6

43% of the web is built on WordPress.

Bootstrap 5

For responsive, mobile-first sites.


'The HTML Living Standard'.


The next generation of CSS.


A preprocessor scripting language.

Vanilla Javascript

A lightweight, cross-platform framework.

Blazingly fast—even on mobile

It goes without saying that the new Satyam Dance site is fully mobile responsive and fast—loading—in under 3 seconds on mobile and less than 1 second on desktop—twice as fast as the old site. Take a look at the new home page below. If you like what you see here, why not visit the live website—linked to at the top of the page—or visit our our main Web Design & development page for more information.


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