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Sling & Tackle

Sling & Tackle are one of the leading lifting and safety equipment specialists in the South East. They came to us in 2018, having been referred by another web design client of ours, as they needed a new company website.

They had a out-of-date Yell website that no longer met their needs—it did not show their range of services and equipment off to advantage—was not mobile-responsive, and was not ranking on Google either. We were asked to quote them for a new website, which were happy to do.

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Sling & Tackle before Sling & Tackle after

Old versus new website

In 2018 we created a new WordPress CMS 'brochure' site to replace Sling & Tackle's old Yell site. At the time they had no intention of selling their products online, but in 2020, at the start of the Pandemic they changed their minds, so they could keep serving customers during lockdown. We were happy to oblige and in 2020 created a new online store that blended seamlessly with frontend of the site we had created 2-years earlier.

WordPress 6

43% of the web is built on WordPress.

Bootstrap 5

For responsive, mobile-first sites.


'The HTML Living Standard'.


The next generation of CSS.


A preprocessor scripting language.

Vanilla Javascript

A lightweight, cross-platform framework.

Every product has dozens of variable attributes

While at first it seems there are only around 50 products in the Sling & Tackle online store, when you look closer you will see that there are in fact, around 600 unique SKU's. This is because most products have multiple features and options, all of which have different price points.

WooCommerce—combined with an extension to cope with non-standard shipping needs, handled these requirements so there was no need to change the platform to achieve the project brief. If you like what you see here, why not visit the live website—linked to at the top of the page—or visit our our main Web Design & development page for more information.


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