Why A Facebook Page Is Not Enough

A Facebook Page Is No Substitute For A Website

It’s okay to have your eggs in one basket as long as you control the basket

Here’s why even the smallest local business needs a website and why you should not rely solely on Facebook to promote your business.

It was only a matter of time before the social media giant took a leaf out of the Google playbook and expanded its platform monetisation strategy to include ALL FB business page posts.

They recently began testing moving business page posts from user news feeds to their ‘Explore’ section, unless page owners pay to play.

In future, if you want your business page posts to continue being seen by a wider audience and maintain user engagement, you’ll need to pay to boost all your business page posts, because the new FB page monetisation rollout will be coming to a town near you soon!

why facebook is not enough
Why Facebook is no substitute for having your own website

6 More Reasons Why You Still Need A Website

While having an online presence is better than not having one, relying on Facebook to be your primary online business hub, or indeed any other Web 2.0 social media platform, has always been a pretty bad idea.

Here’s why…

  1. You Don’t Own Your Facebook Page – Facebook owns and controls it. They can change the design, layout and policies at any time (i.e. make you ‘pay to play) which can negatively impact your business. Because you don’t own the Page, there’s nothing you can do about it.
  2. Competitors Can Advertise On Your Page – WTF! Your customers can see competitor ads while viewing your Facebook Page. What’s worse, your competitors can specifically target your FB Page fans based on their profile and browsing history. You wouldn’t put competitor ads on your website so why funnel all your online marketing to FB which allows this?
  3. Design Limitations – Facebook page branding options are limited in design terms to a cover image and profile image. There are also restrictions on key content area sizes and types. Your own website has none of these limitations so you can publish whatever you want.
  4. Search Engine Optimisation –Google places greater importance on local websites than Facebook pages which generally won’t rank as high and often not at all in search results.
  5. Audience Limitations – Not everyone uses Facebook. Search engines are the most popular source for seeking information online and websites (not FB pages) dominate those results. While a FB page is a great way to increase consumer options to interact with you, you could be losing half of your potential customers if you limit your business to a Facebook Page only.
  6. Poor Analytics – Facebook Insights aren’t as good as your own website + Google Analytics stats on visitor traffic, age, location, browser, OS, pages viewed and geo location etc…

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